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100 days
to validate your startup

Leaving your job to launch a startup is a big decision.

We help professionals to make this critical decision by validating concepts, mitigating risks, and accelerating their entrepreneurial journey.

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Experience Matters

We work exclusively with early-stage founders who have 3 or more years of relevant experience.

As former founders, we fully understand the substantial risks and opportunity cost of leaving your job to launch a startup.  

By working together, we will rigorously explore the feasibility and long-term potential of your business idea to make an informed decision before leaping into entrepreneurship.  

Our Mission

Too many aspiring entrepreneurs don’t adequately analyze their business idea only to end up on a list of failed startups.​

We understand that the primary reasons behind early-stage startup failures stem from two key factors: flawed founder decision-making and insufficient market validation. 

Our mission is to help you avoid these common early-stage mistakes.  We’ll work with you to collect the data needed to make informed decisions confidently.

How we work

We don’t just advise; we participate in the actual work required to validate your business idea first. 

Customer interviews play a pivotal role in our approach.  Understanding their needs is your first step in making a well-informed Go/No-Go decision.  

Our approach enables you to learn and grow your expertise while validating your business.

Who We Are

We provide a 360-degree view of building a startup with a focus on how critical decisions made or avoided could impact a company's future.

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