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We turn innovators into entrepreneurs

How we work

It's important to understand that knowing what you don't know can be as valuable as what you do know.


That's where we come in.


We specialize in working closely with founders to understand what they perceive as their immediate wants and needs and go beyond that. Our approach is twofold.


First, we assist you in identifying potential gaps and vulnerabilities in your startup plan—whether in your business model, team composition, or market strategy.


Next, we present tailored solutions to fill these gaps, empowering you to build from a Position of Strength.


We recognize that the real education for any founder comes from the hands-on experience of running a startup. We aim to enhance that learning curve by providing you with actionable insights and foresight into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


You'll be better equipped to make informed decisions that mitigate risks and accelerate your startup's trajectory toward success.

Who We Are

We provide a 360-degree view of building a startup with a focus on how critical decisions made or avoided could impact a company's future.

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