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10 essential questions most founders forget to ask themselves before starting a company

Starting a startup is often portrayed as a thrilling adventure, transforming a garage venture into a Silicon Valley giant. But before you fall in love with this narrative, it's important to remember that each startup journey begins humbly with a single person - someone like you - with a vision and a desire to build a company around it.

While other people will join the cause, initially, it's just you, your business idea, motivations, and goals.

As the Lead of this entire venture, you need to ask yourself some tough but crucial questions before taking the leap. I can promise that you’ll have days when you’ll ask yourself these questions again.

1. Who needs my product and why?

Understanding your target audience is fundamental to the success of your startup. Without a clear market need, even the most brilliant product will fail. Knowing who you're serving and why they need your product will guide your marketing strategy, product development, and your company's success.

2. Why am I focused on this specific customer problem?

Your passion and focus will carry you through your countless challenges. But why this specific problem? Understanding your motivation for solving this particular issue will help you maintain enthusiasm and can be a strong selling point when explaining why your startup matters.

3. Am I the one to solve it?

You don't have to be an expert in the field, but you do need to have a compelling reason for why you're the right person to bring this solution to life. You may have unique insights, skills, or experiences that position you to solve this problem in a way others cannot. Know what those are.

4. Do I need to start a company?

Starting a company is one of several options that might allow you to achieve your goals, but it's complicated. It involves hiring employees, managing teams, raising money, and years of hard work without guaranteed success. Ensure you're interested in the business aspects rather than just enamored with your product idea.

5. What other options should I consider?

Before starting a company, consider other avenues to bring your idea to life. Could you license your product? Or create a partnership with an existing company. Weigh the pros and cons of these alternatives to ensure that starting a new company is your best option.

6. Is this the right time for me?

Timing is crucial in startups—both for the market and your personal life. Can you commit to the roller coaster entrepreneurship journey right now? Do you have other personal or professional commitments that could make this a wrong time? Do you have family or relationship factors to consider?

7. How long will it take?

Startups are a marathon, not a sprint. Be realistic about the time commitment; remember that reaching critical milestones will take at least twice as long as you think. Understanding the timeline will help you prepare mentally and financially for the journey ahead.

8. Can I afford to try?

Even if you intend to raise investment capital, developing an investment opportunity that investors could consider takes time. Investors don’t fund ideas. Consider if you have the resources to sustain your personal life and the business through the uncertain early stages.

9. What am I willing to sacrifice?

Entrepreneurship requires sacrifices, be it social life, family time, sleep, or financial stability. Know your boundaries and what you're willing to give up for the success of your startup. Understanding this upfront can help you navigate the inevitable challenges more effectively.

10. Can I afford to lose?

The harsh reality is that most startups fail. It's crucial to be aware of the financial and emotional investment you're putting in and to consider whether you can afford to lose these investments without a significant negative impact on your life or future.


Take the time to answer these questions thoughtfully. Your future self and everyone in your orbit will thank you.

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